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Traceability and Safety

The complexity of heterogeneous systems makes it necessary to allow engineers to navigate the myriad requirements, analysis documents, design models, test cases, etc. Traceability connects all of these artifacts and allows to see how they are related. This provides the ability to perform analysis of the impact of requirements changes, check if all requirements are covered by tests, or to track the rationale behind design decisions. In addition, heterogeneous systems are going to be employed in safety-critical domains such as automotive, avionics, and medical devices. Standards and legal obligations make it necessary to provide safety arguments that are often based on tracing mitigation strategies through the system. Within Panorama, the project partners are going to develop approaches that allow to semi-automatically trace the artifacts created during timing analysis to design and requirements. In addition, the project is going to provide tools and methods to deal with traceability in large systems with hundreds and thousands of artifacts.