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A heterogeneous set of organizations working together to develop novel and innovative software-intensive products requires a new approach to collaboration, that is, new processes, tools, but also new concepts to ensure data security.

Imagine the development of an innovative software-intensive product on which an OEM and several, possibly competing, suppliers work together. In this environment the confidentiality of sensitive data and models of the individual product components is of great importance. On the one hand, a trustful collaborative working atmosphere is required to ensure efficient development of the overall product. On the other hand, it must be prevented that sensitive data or models (possibly unintentionally) reaches the wrong hands. Security standards such as IEC62443 must be taken into account and, if necessary, followed and integrated.

Within PANORAMA, we research security concepts that address these conflicting requirements and provide project partners with guidelines and best practices to ensure data confidentiality “by design” in collaborative development environments.