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Hardware Assessment

The complexity of future solutions for mobility results in intricate and unforeseen impact of product and project decisions on systems level, even in late development phases. As a results, it becomes crucial to enable the assessment of hardware platforms especially in the early phases of design by e.g. providing capabilities for determining if a hardware architecture is capable of executing a given software, or selecting a specific hardware platform out of a hardware architectures product family.

To cope with this, we research within PANORAMA into Tools, Methods and Processes that support the analysis and assessment of hardware platforms with regard to a variety of functional and non-functional properties, such as e.g. energy consumption, timing, end-to-end delays, schedulability, or reliability.

In order to show the effectivity and efficiency gains and henceforth generate market acceptance that will spread the usage and adoption of the tools, we will provide code generators and simulators, that allow to profile applications on existing hardware resp. simulation engines and demonstrators that will allow verifying the analysis and assessment results. Ultimately, these results will support improving the quality of software as well as the products along with the time-to-market, while reducing costs and risks due to qualified decision making.