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Mälardalen University

Mälardalen University (MDH) is a young and modern university, with campuses in Västerås and Eskilstuna, focusing on applied research and education in close cooperation with industry. TheEmbedded Systems (ES) research profile at the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) is the leading research profile at MDH, and the leading group in Sweden in Embedded Systems related research. Research at ES has a strong focus on Embedded Software and Industrial Software Engineering. The research at ES is carried out in 10 research groups and focuses on (i) industrial software engineering, (ii) embedded systems and software engineering, (iii) design methodologies for real-time dependable systems, (iv) static analysis of software, and (v) design methods, architectures and communication for embedded systems. From requirements specification to system design, from model transformations for analysis and code generation to model manipulations changes detection and propagation, from model-based optimisation to system execution monitoring and back-propagation, research at ES exploits model-driven engineering for basically any of the aspects related to systems development in national and European research projects (more than 80% in cooperation with industry). Moreover, the groups have over the years participated to the development of various domain-specific modelling languages and component models, both EMF-based and as UML profiles, as well as tooling for the development of embedded real-time systems. MRTC hosts several large strategic initiatives in close collaboration with Swedish industry. At international level, ES has extensive collaborations worldwide. Industrial partners include major companies, such as Alten, ABB, Ericsson, Volvo AB, Volvo Cars, Bombardier, Saab, and Scania, as well as a number of SMEs.