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Arcticus Systems

Arcticus Systems AB (hereafter ‘Arcticus’) is a leading tool vendor for model and component-based software development of safety-critical embedded systems. In the recent years, Arcticus specialised in the vehicular domain and its tool suite, Rubus ICE, has been used by the industry for more than 20 years. Rubus ICE provide means for modelling, analysis simulation, testing, code generation and run-time infrastructure and it is accompanied by a certified ISO 26262 real-time operating system. Arcticus has a successful history of cooperation with academia in both national and European projects such as ASSUME, FEMMVA, CRYSTAL, etc. The research work done within these projects has been constantly disseminated in national and international workshops, conferences and journals. In this respect, Arcticus aim at continuing such a dissemination for the research results to be achieved within PANORAMA. By joining the PANORAMA project, Arcticus will be able to grow both in the national and the international market. Arcticus’ success is closely linked to the ability of always providing cutting-edge technology. To this end, the results that will be achieved within PANORAMA with respect to the next-generation of electric and autonomous vehicles represent an added value to Rubus ICE.