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The RTC-MPA toolbox moves to APP4MC

The Panorama team at Dortmund university of applied sciences and arts is happy to present rtclib, the backend of the RTC-MPA toolbox developed by ETH Zurich, as a part of the APP4MC open source project.

The RTC-MPA toolbox was designed by the computer engineering and networks laboratory (TIK) at the Swiss federal institute of technology (ETH) Zurich. While this toolbox is implemented in MATLAB, the backend where max-plus/min-plus algebra operations that form the mathematical basis of RTC, is implemented in Java. That backend has been provided in the form of a binary, and is used by other tools such as the RTCAnalysis tool (developed in the context of Panorama), and the network calculus tool (DNC).

The open source release of rtclib will enable its use with many timing analysis tools that are used in the automotive industry, and will enable possible improvements in terms of robustness and efficiency of max-plus/ min-plus algebra operations. Ultimately leading to faster-running timing analysis of complex embedded systems.

The library is released under the BSD 3-clause licence as a Maven project and can be easily consumed by other Java projects.

As a next step, rtclib is planned to be modernized to take advantage of the new Java features that have been available since the time it was originally implemented. Additionally, we plan to implement new features in this library, in particular to support finitary RTC analysis.

Finally, we would like to thank Prof. Dr. Lothar Thiele from ETH Zurich for providing the source code for rtclib, and Dr. Ernesto Wandeler for the original implementation of the library.

For more information checkout rtclib here!