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Invitation to MASE 2020

The International Workshop on Modeling in Automotive System and Software Engineering (MASE) would like to invite the PANORAMA community to participate in this year’s workshop. The deadline for submissions is July 22nd.

MASE 2020 aims at providing a forum for practitioners and researchers from industry and academia in which novel, innovative, model-based solutions to current and future challenges in automotive system and software development can be presented and discussed. Another important objective is the identification of new research problems arising from current trends.

MASE 2020 is co-located with ACM/IEEE Models 2020, which is the premier conference series for model-driven software and systems engineering, and is organized with support of ACM SIGSOFT and IEEE TCSE.

As practitioners on the leading edge of modeling for automotive systems and software engineering, the PANORAMA community contributions would be most welcome! A reminder that the deadline for paper submissions is July 22nd. More information can be found at: